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Rowhedge – A Community

A Community Grows    In his essay ‘Rough Days at Rowhedge’,[1] Hervey Benham characterises the village as a community of disorganised, barbarous criminals. The fishermen (who he refers to as ‘hairy old amphibians’[2] ), standing in a bath of beer on the pub floor, their ‘wretched’ wives beside them, boys running from pub to pub… Read more »

Shipbuilding and Brewing – Life changes….

In this second part of the life and work of the men of Rowhedge, we pick up their story around 1870; times were changing, and alternative sources of income were opening up. There had been a small shipbuilding enterprise in the village for centuries, but in the 1860s this became a far larger concern and… Read more »

B is for Bootmakers

B is a tricky one, there are so many Bs showing up as occupations for married women in the census; these are the Bs from just one single enumeration district in Bethnal Green: Backgammon Table Maker Bag Maker Baker Baking Powder Packer Barmaid Basket Maker Bead Embroiderer Bead Trimmer Bobbin Winder Bonbon Maker Bonnet Maker… Read more »