B is for Bootmakers

B is a tricky one, there are so many Bs showing up as occupations for married women in the census; these are the Bs from just one single enumeration district in Bethnal Green: Backgammon Table Maker Bag Maker Baker Baking Powder Packer Barmaid Basket Maker Bead Embroiderer Bead Trimmer Bobbin Winder Bonbon Maker Bonnet Maker… Read more »

A is for Artificial Flower Makers

A is for Artificial Flower Makers One of the very few predominantly female occupations to appear consistently in urban and suburban census enumerators’ books throughout the period 1851-1901 is that of artificial flower maker, or artificial florist.  It is rare to find an urban enumerator’s book from the period which does not include at least… Read more »